About ThinkTank

Think Tank Coworking is Maine's largest coworking facility, with locations in downtown Portland and Yarmouth and over 200 members.

Founder and Director, Patrick Roche started Think Tank in November of 2010, boot-strapping the project with personal loans and a lot sweat equity.  Since then, his coworking model has continued to evolve to meet the needs of today’s remote workforce.

Patrick has continued to build on his vision of developing an interconnected network of coworking facilities throughout New England.  He believes that coworking is the future of community, startup ideation and business incubation. 

Ultimately, we will see Think Tanks cropping up in satellite cities around the country as people discover the power of a bottom-up approach to economic recovery.

To this end, Patrick is also currently working with a number of like-minded policy makers and real estate developers around the state to help improve Maine’s future as a place for business.  He is looking to develop spaces in Lewiston/Auburn, Waterville, Brunswick and Biddeford.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in seeing coworking brought to your community.