Emily Ambrose

collaborator | east coast manager


Website: www.bybend.com



Passionate about writing, storytelling, food, and wine, I found the perfect intersection of these interests in Experience Design with a focus on hospitality companies at bend, a human-centered user experience collaborative. We work with passionate brands to create experiences that make a difference for their communities. Our projects include everything from branding, email marketing, strategy, persona development, social media management, and much more. After spending most of a decade in New York state and completing my Master's of Management in Hospitality at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, I decided I couldn't resist the lure of the Atlantic Ocean (or my parents' gentle persistence) any longer, and returned to my adopted home state of Maine. I am so excited to bring my collaborative, bend, to the Portland coworking community, and to contribute to, and collaborate with, this dynamic, engaging community!