Sean Hanson

Sean Hanson is a nonprofit marketing, technology and operations something-or-other. His current employer is an insurance industry association that works to educate people about how to protect their income (and their financial well-being) with disability insurance. He previously served for three years on the organizing committee for the American Marketing Association’s annual nonprofit marketing conference. He’s a graduate of Portland’s Emerging Leaders program with Lift360, and now volunteers with them on alumni relations initiatives. Sean is a UK native who has lived in the Portland area for about ten years. Despite 15 years away from home, he’s as passionate as ever about his beloved football (soccer) team, Huddersfield Town. He will also teach you about the rules of cricket upon request. When not at work, he’s kept busy by his two young daughters and trying to be slightly less terrible at playing the guitar. He gets very excited about Indian food and can often be found driving his wife nuts trying to create the perfect curry recipe.