Meet Marc Feldman, Think Tank Biddeford's COO

Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2015 by Rob Landry in coworking, entrepreneurship, Biddeford, members, people

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Marc Feldman first experienced coworking while visiting his son at Olin College of Engineering.  "Something about their collaborative work space really spoke to me," says Marc. "Something about a desire to help people, community, entrepreneurship and collaboration."

That thought lived in the back of his mind and finally caught fire this year when a friend recommended taking a look at the Pepperell Mill in Biddeford. "I have a friend who works in the Mill, and over dinner one night we were talking about the coworking business model and he said we should look at the Mill," Marc recalls.  "Once I saw the space – it made sense."

Marc did a little research online.  "One name that kept popping up was Think Tank, and I learned that Director Patrick Roche was interested in expanding to areas like Biddeford.  I got in touch with Pat and, long story short, it was a really great fit."

"Patrick had a great business model that could transfer to any location, so it just made great sense to team up."

Which is exactly what they've done.  Marc will be the Chief Operating Officer and head honcho at Think Tank Biddeford, which is furiously signing up founding members and is slated to open November 1st.

"It's a really great space in a Mill with a lot of character," says Marc.  "It's going to be state-of-the-art, with the fastest Internet of Think Tank's three spaces, and it'll have a few architectural flourishes, like a spiral staircase."

Marc's entrepreneurial spirit runs deep.  For many years he ran a restaurant in Kennebunkport before spending several years as a commodities broker in the grocery market. 

For Marc, life has been a 'most interesting journey' from Florida to California, then Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Texas before landing in Maine.

Marc's wife, Maureen King, is a public education advocate who's served on local school boards and participated with state and national board associations to promote public education.  Together they've raised a daughter, who now works at Novartis, and the son who attended Olin is working for a startup called OnShape.

Fun facts: Marc has worked as a roadie, for carnivals, and he's apparently one Tough Mudder.  In addition to coworking, he has a passion for golf, crossfit, martial arts, movies, travel and food.

"Marc really gets what coworking is all about," says Patrick. "It's about creating a community and collaborating in creative ways that helps everyone get better, faster."

So when you see Marc, don't forget to say hey and compare notes on the coworking experience.  He welcomes sharing good ideas.

"I love to hear ideas about how we can keep making coworking more fulfilling, more rewarding and more creative and exciting," says Marc.  "So I'm really looking forward to being able to use the Biddeford space and mix things up at the newest 'Tank'."

If you’d like to know more about how you can become a founding member of Think Tank Biddeford, you can email Marc at, call him at 774.768.4465, or complete a brief form to get in touch


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