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Posted Friday, October 21, 2016 by Rob Landry in coworking, members, ideation, social, community

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For a long time now, members have been asking for a members-only place where they can communicate, ideate, keep up to date with the latest announcements and share leads on jobs.  Well, we're happy to say we think we've found the perfect tool for that - Slack.

Slack is the latest killer app taking the world by storm.  Slack calls itself "a messaging app for teams who are changing the world", and naturally that fits right in with our mighty ethos at Think Tank!  It's used by "tens of thousands of teams" including the Progressive Coders Network, AirBnB and The Associated Press, and we know that several of our tech-savvy members are already power users.

For the uninitiated, Slack is kind of like a bulletin board - on steroids.  Members can post messages for all, or can send direct messages to specific members of the "team".  You can download a mobile app to your phone to keep your slack with you while on the go.  If you like, you can set your slack to alert you when certain types of messages are posted, or if they're posted by certain people.

Like a bulletin board, postings are arranged by topics, called "channels".  For starters, the Think Tank Slack will have the following public channels:

#general - Information related to Think Tank, coworking and special timely announcements.  Members are encouraged to check this channel for any news on upcoming events or for special notices.

#faq - Any Frequently Asked Question about coworking at da Tank will be posted here, so if you're wondering if you can bring your dog to work (you can) this is your first go-to.

#gigs - If you're looking for help with a project, or if you're in need of a project, members can post job opportunities here.

#portland, #yarmouth, #biddeford - These channels are for posting items of interest happening or affecting members in those respective towns

#random - As the name implies, any oddball, whimsical or humorous post can have a home here. 

Members are encouraged to post, as well as to suggest other channels.  The idea here is to make it our own, and to make it as useful as possible to encourage collaboration, cooperation and community!


Go to Think Tank Slack

Members will soon receive an email inviting them to join the slack.  New members will automatically be invited when they create their membership account.


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