Eric Hodgdon

Chief Storyteller, TEDx Speaker, Coach, Trainer



Eric Hodgdon is a TEDx Speaker, author, coach, trainer and Zoi’s dad. After losing Zoi to suicide 5-years ago, Eric found the way to get up and live beyond his loss. He transitioned from a 25-year career in corporate IT leadership to a different leadership role - to help others, who are stuck in struggle get up and live beyond their losses and setbacks. The bestselling author of “A Sherpa Named Zoi”, Eric’s book has been placed in the hands of thousands of corporate leaders, employees, professional athletes, military members, parents, teens, university students / faculty, and many others who value the courage to get up and live beyond their losses in life. When Eric is not coaching, training or speaking, he enjoys traveling and hiking trails along the coast of Maine where he lives with his dog, Bean.