And now, an Important Message from Default Profile Image

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Hey there, Good People of Think Tank!  It’s me, Default Profile Image.  Your friendly neighborhood director, Pat Roche, asked me to have a word with you.

I know you’re busy coworking and setting the world on fire, and let’s face it, who wants to create yet-another-profile complete with yet-another-profile-image?  I get that.

Furthermore, I am truly the most handsome default image on the entire Internet, am I not? Much better looking than that other dork, Facebook Default Image, or even worse, Twitter Egg. And I totally agree with the dozens of you who have said that I am even better looking than their last Tinder date. Who can blame anyone for using me for their Think Tank Member Profile?

Still, Pat asked me to remind you that if you aren’t using a photo of your own beautiful mug, you make it harder for your fellow coworkers to recognize the awesome goodness that is you, and getting to know the people who share this space is a big part of what makes coworking here special.  What’s more, according to the Google Analytics report I just read, people of Our Fair City of Portland do in fact use the Member section of the site to find people like you to hire for that next gig. 

True, my pic never hindered anyone from landing a job, but still…

So, if you haven’t done so – and we all know who you are – please take a moment and log in and update your member profile image.

I can’t stress the urgency of this enough! Pat is threatening to make me spend the next two weeks scraping your LinkedIn photos for your profiles.  I think I’d rather poke my eyes out with a sharp stick.  #saveme

Thank you for listening, and thank you for your support!  We now return you to your regularly scheduled coworking…