Think Tank Member Spotlight – Nick Bloom

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Many of you may know Think Tank member Nick Bloom as the principal behind Bloom Arts and Events, where he specializes in music talent buying for venues in Maine and New Hampshire. We recently found out that Nick is also a certified Health Coach (check him out on Facebook!), focused on one on one coaching and group facilitation, so we caught up with him to hear more about it!

Think Tank: What inspired you to start Health Coaching?

Nick: I was heavy all my life up until I turned 40, when I finally found a solution that worked. I broke through a barrier that I thought was impossible, which was illuminating, inspiring, and simple – not easy! I wanted to be a part of sharing that success for others. It’s a solution that everyone can have access to.

Think Tank: Tell us about your training – you studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

Nick: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is a web based, year long health coaching program based out of NYC. It teaches about a multitude of dietary modalities and promotes the idea that health is dependent on integrating non-food aspects with food aspects. Meaning, considering things like the condition of your work environment, relationships, spirituality, and physical movement. All components of a living existence, not just food, can contribute to optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Where doctors look at physical health and then treat symptoms, health coaches look at causes. Usually food is one of the first types of medicine to consider, then we look at sleep patterns, stress levels, etc.

Think Tank: We read about your Keys to Settling in Purpose on your website – what’s that about?

Nick: I wrote a short booklet that I give to the participants that come to my groups, outlining fundamental spiritual concepts to help them get started. I feel that if your mind is right, you can move forward. It covers things like awareness, forming a plan, and finding support.

Think Tank: You also run a Weight Loss Support Group?

Nick: We started on July 11, and it’s a small, intimate gathering that allows people a safe space to share in the struggle to be healthy. We talk about everything and anything that might come up as struggles and opportunities in the journey to being healthy. We often don’t get a chance to talk about these subjects in our normal daily lives, so this gives people the opportunity to have that space.

Think Tank: Where can we find out more?

Nick: The best place to find out up to date information is my website,!