Think Tank Member Spotlight – Carolyn & Brian Delaney

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You may have noticed some new faces in the front office, including a particularly adept ball player (seriously… Lil is an expert at catch) – please join us in welcoming Carolyn, Brian, and Lil Delaney!

Think Tank: Tell us a little bit about your business/project.

CD: We have a couple of different projects – Carolyn’s an IT consultant and Brian’s a web development manager for a NY based company and together we’re launching journey.

journey is a new Maine magazine, set to go to press in February 2019.  Our mission is to shine a light on the freedom from addiction by sharing stories of hope, empowerment and connection.

Our content will celebrate those in recovery, people who are reclaiming their lives and having a positive ripple effect on those around them as well. Our informative articles will provide actionable steps that those in recovery can take in the areas of finance, wellness, community and spirituality to pave their way for continued success. The magazine also will highlight recovery allies, those who are not in recovery themselves but who, by employing or assisting in numerous other ways, are champions in the recovery effort.

The journey team is made up of over 25 volunteers – a diverse mixture of those in recovery and those with kind, caring hearts that want to create something positive here in Maine to inspire others and with the help of several local publishers – Lee Hews (MWM), Heather Chandler (Sunrise Guide) and Lynda Adams (E.L.M), we’ve been able to move forward confidently.  

TT: What inspired you to start journey?

CD: Being in Recovery ourselves, we really wanted to do what we could to spread a message of hope. In light of the epidemic that is taking the country by storm, it can be lost that there are MILLIONS of people in recovery leading quiet, drama-free lives and we want to be able to offer hope to those struggling by sharing a wider perspective of “recovery”.

TT: What brought you to Think Tank?

CD: We’ve worked out of our house for 10ish years and wanted to start to spend more time in the city. Brian does a lot with Portland Media Center across the street and we started at a floating desk here.

We really love the energy here and the space itself and decided to get an office (once we found out Lil was welcomed).

TT: Where can people find out more?

CD: Right now, just email me at (or stop in and pat Lil); our website and social media channels are set to launch in early January.